Tuesday, April 14, 2015

My Pregnancy...First Trimester

Hello loves!  As mentioned before, I wanted to devote some posts to my pregnancy and I'm starting with my first trimester.  Before we became pregnant, my husband and I had been trying to conceive for a couple of years.  When I say trying to conceive, we were just hoping it would happen.  But it didn't.  This can make a girl go crazy.  Things kept going through my mind and I kept wondering if there was something wrong with me.  I wondered why it was so easy for some to get pregnant, but so difficult for me because everyone else made getting pregnant look so easy.  I decided to go to the OB/GYN to get some expert advice.  He put me on a plan to try to conceive and this plan consisted of trying to conceive on certain days of the month.  We went according to plan for 3 months (well, sorta according to plan...more difficult than we thought it would be :)), and I went back to the doctor at the end of the 3 months (which was in January).  When I went in, we assumed I wasn't pregnant and he told me that he wasn't concerned about whether or not we could conceive, saying that this could take up to a year.  After a year, we would talk about other options.  I left the doctor's office.  That same week, on Thursday, I took a pregnancy test...and guess what...it was positive!  If only he had done a test on me when I went in on the previous Monday.  I made an appointment to go back in the next week to start my pregnancy journey.  On January 9, 2014, my life changed drastically...it was the day I found out I was pregnant!  I was at work and had not gotten my normal monthly sign that I wasn't pregnant, so I took a pregnancy test when I got home.  When it showed those two lines, I was so excited..and shocked.  You never really believe it's going to happen, until it does.  I immediately got into my car and drove to my husband's work.  I told him I was in the area, stopped by to see him, and wanted him to meet me at my car.  When I saw him, I asked him, "How would you like to be a Daddy?".  He smiled really big and said, "You're pregnant!".  I said yes and we hugged.  He told me he was happy and nervous.  That night, we visited each of our parent's homes to tell them the good news.  Everyone was so excited!  We kept it to close family until about 3 months, when we announced it on Facebook.  You know that everything has to be announced on Facebook, or it's not official!
During my first trimester, I felt like I had a 24 hour hangover.  I didn't, and trust me, the doctor asked to make sure!  I was miserable because I hate being naseaus.  It was literally about 12 or 13 weeks when my nausea tapered off.  I was also very hungry.  I mean, so.very.hungry!  I ate so much and couldn't get enough.  I could not stand the smell of garlic and chicken cooking together, which my husband was not happy about, because that meant we didn't have garlic chicken soup the entire time I was pregnant!  I also wasn't a fan of these scented trash bags that we had.  We had to buy unscented trash bags just for that reason.  I would like to note that my husband is happy now that we can have garlic chicken soup again (which was a slow process even after I had the baby), and we are using the trash bags that I couldn't use during pregnancy.  I am frugile and will not throw useful items away, ha. 
My first ultrasound was somewhere around 8 weeks.  It was the very first emotional moment I had with my child.  My mother and mother-in-law went with me, since my husband was out of town working.  It was nice to have them in the room with me to experience such a sweet moment.  When I heard my baby's heartbeat for the first time, I immediately started crying.  These were excited, happy tears.  There's just something about hearing your baby's heartbeat when he's inside the womb.  It's reassuring and comforting at the same time.  We captured the moment on video, which I am so happy about. 
In the above photo, I was really early in my pregnancy, but late enough to finally have a bump!  Maxi dresses were my best friends during pregnancy.  I could wear my normal maxi dresses almost the entire time.  And they were so comfy.  I didn't buy many clothes during my pregnancy.  I think I have been trying to make up for that this year....:-/


At a training for work.  This dress didn't last very long in my pregnancy because it was snug around the mid-section. 

My Daddy, Me, and My Husband after church one Sunday.  This is a church that I grew up in and it has the most beautiful trees and landscaping of any church I know. 

So, that was my first trimester.  Next, I will post how things went during my second trimester.  Enjoy!