Friday, January 15, 2016

Salt Life

I recently took a "staycation" from work and decided to take a trip to the beach with my son.  Although it is really cold here now, we had a long warm period recently.  Since it was pretty warm, I packed our beach bag and we headed to the beach.  It's always a little cooler when I'm actually on the ocean, but I was surprised at how cool it was compared to where we live, about 15 minutes away.  Fortunately, I had packed Lincoln a sweatshirt and a long-sleeved shirt for myself, which was great because we needed them once we got on the beach.  

We had such a great time.  This wasn't Lincoln's first trip to the beach, but it was definitely a first.  This was the first time he could walk while there and he really took everything in.  He walked towards the seagulls and pointed at them, saying "dis?".  He usually says that when he wants to know what something is.  We took in the view of the ocean and made sure to not get caught by the waves.  We also played in the sand and, of course, he was curious as to what it tasted like.  Here are some of my favorite moments from our quick trip to the beach.