Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A Year in Review-My Favorite Looks for 2013

Good Morning Loves!  Since today is the last day of the year, I thought I would pick my favorite looks for 2013.  I have learned a lot over this year of blogging.  Being very new, I look back and see that I have learned to take better pictures and to make sure the sun is in my face and not behind me.  I have also learned that I don't have to put every picture up that I take, and that a lot of them weren't as good as I thought.  LOL...how tastes change over a year.  I have learned that you can see more detail the larger the picture....so those important accessories can be seen better.  I have also learned that quality is better than quantity. So, here is to a new year with an even better blog....I hope that this coming year is even better than the last!