Monday, October 28, 2013


Good Morning!!  I hope your weekend was fabulous! 
So, we finally got some cold weather here in the South...and I mean cold.  Lows in the 30s....hey...that's cold for us.  I love layering and I think Fall makes for the best looks on my blog.  Below is one of my favorite looks recently and I want to recreate it ASAP.  I got this vest from Random when it was still in the 80s.  I think that's crazy...but it didn't stop me from buying it.  It is my favorite vest right now and I can't wait to style it again!
On another note, my husband and I had the opportunity to attend a Kirk Cameron event at our church called 'Love Worth Fighting For'.  It was a marriage event with Kirk Cameron and Warren Barfield.  It was pretty awesome!  My husband and I got so much out of it and thoroughly enjoyed it.  There was a good message, great music, and a lot of laughing.  If you ever have the opportunity to attend this event, I say take it! 
 photo 41d593b5-aba6-40b1-baac-41c7cbdfa34a_zps9bd7ac1a.jpg
You can see where I wore this dress last winter to a baby shower with a long black fur vest Here.
 photo 1f3b1ae8-efe4-4262-89ad-d519b6889d3a_zpsa33a5b73.jpg
Check out my post where I wore these booties recently here.
 photo 5409d19c-fd3e-4e0e-80db-417511a94749_zps2a93a6e7.jpg

 photo f2733f66-3466-436a-b612-ab022b6fb47a_zpsb50cb658.jpg

 photo 03eab63d-619c-414c-841f-28b7cb21a485_zps3a0d8d30.jpg

 photo b6746d9e-1425-4149-8977-783c5e06197e_zpsdf1232ca.jpg

 photo ab418cff-4d6a-4c2a-8217-3d38fdb25102_zpse4f633b7.jpg
Vest: Random  Here
Dress: Gianni Bini Similar
Leggings: Forever 21 Here
Booties: Candie's Here
Bag: LRL via Marshall's Similar
Watch: Michael Kors Similar
Belt: Old Navy Here
Necklace: Forever 21 Similar
Earrings: Older Similar

Friday, October 25, 2013

Pink and Oxblood

 Happy Friday Everyone!  I hope you have a fabulous weekend!

I have been crazy over burgundy...or what I like to call oxblood!  I am not a huge 'red' fan, but I have been really into the oxblood craze.  In this look, my jeans are a dark red, my necklace is oxblood and my nails are oxblood.  I just couldn't resist the urge.  This gorgeous necklace and earrings set is from The Jewelry Lady.  She has some of the most gorgeous pieces at affordable prices.  I always have a hard time finding jewelry because I tend to be drawn to the most expensive things...don't we all!  But with The Jewelry Lady you can have all of the trendy pieces you love at great prices.  Check her site out and see for yourself! 

Also, how are you styling shades of red this season?
 photo e834d1b2-3cfa-4e97-ba1a-14ef9e5cec10_zps82dd7a74.jpg
 You can see where I wore these shoes to work here.
 photo f78bbacf-d6d5-4441-8d46-5e8837ed300a_zps9ea4cda9.jpg
 I also wore this shirt here for a simple look with jeans.
 photo 18a5d902-c52a-45e6-a492-e2dc30ab5007_zpse620ab98.jpg
 photo bbc0b95e-0189-485a-89d3-55951a3b843b_zps33285cb5.jpg
 photo 52314796-27ae-4edc-a7d2-845e8373eefc_zps92864c4b.jpg
 photo 8a4f37e9-a2a2-4938-95cd-b28b15d59b63_zpsd9d20306.jpg
 photo d571a2b6-ab1c-4229-9c73-50d6b567c0ae_zps9596733d.jpg
 photo 34bab45f-33c2-4b2e-80ee-0caa1b1c245f_zps3b3d31e8.jpg
Necklace and Earrings Set: The Jewelry Lady Here
Top: LOFT Similar
Jeans: Celebrity Pink via Belk Here
Shoes: Gianni Bini Similar
Clutch: Forever 21 Similar
Watch: Michael Kors Similar



Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Leopard and The Jewelry Lady

Good Morning! 
This is a work look of mine recently and I really wanted to showcase this necklace from The Jewelry Lady .  It is actually a necklace and earrings set.  I have been really loving reds for fall and wanted to incorporate this gorgeous red and gold necklace into my wardrobe.  I played around with several work looks and I thought the necklace looked great up against the leopard print.  Who doesn't love red and leopard together?  This set could work well for work and is fancy enough for a dinner date or some other special event at night.  The necklace really is stunning and I got so many compliments on it at work.  Be sure to check out The Jewelry Lady and see all of her amazing pieces!
 photo 4d3ef48b-757d-4285-b351-eb968f89ba24_zpse3cf78b8.jpg
You can see where I wore this bag here to work recently.  
 photo fe6210fe-c2e3-4661-8075-080851f76f8b_zps4e1aeddc.jpg

 photo c9d6f97f-f80a-4085-a3d4-9d2ba5c2758a_zpsaad07acb.jpg

 photo 1efd07b5-60a9-419e-8bd2-70625ecf8c13_zpsa6687272.jpg

 photo d4bc0c7a-221d-44a0-b05e-252e65831a06_zps104fc0ef.jpg

 photo cf6a81bd-12d6-4692-9886-67ae2e99904e_zpsb92ffeb6.jpg

 photo d96a112c-40b9-471a-9c75-d4b9959287d0_zpsc926ab98.jpg
Top: Charlotte Russe Similar
Cardigan: Express Similar
Belt: From a Dress Similar
Bag: Francesca's Collection Similar
Watch: Michael Kors Similar
Shoes: BCBGeneration Similar
Necklace and Earrings Set: The Jewelry Lady Here

Monday, October 21, 2013

Rainy Days

Good Morning!  As always, I hope your weekend was fabulous! 
I wore this look recently on a rainy day.  Can we talk about where I got a couple of these pieces?!?  Both my blouse and booties are from Kohls.  My husband and I went there a couple of months ago and we were not impressed.  We went back there a couple of weekends ago, and I found so many things that I liked.  There were tons of cute blouses and booties for fall.  I actually picked up a couple of items that I put back, I mean how many black blouses should a girl have?!?  Anyway, I was glad we made another trip to Kohls even though we weren't sure if we would find anything.  I have worn these booties more than any other shoe over the past two weeks.  Love them!
 photo b3c476e1-b517-438f-ab90-7597afa3f5a6_zps183ebff9.jpg
I wore these jeans here with a neon orange and blue blouse.  
 photo 394759f1-a1ae-4625-91b9-79e87da8488f_zps526c82d0.jpg
You can also see me wear this bag for a date night with my husband here.
 photo 654a4a66-8f75-4f42-a115-2502cfe99fc8_zps4ac689f2.jpg

 photo 41106370-69d0-4be4-97f4-18c4338bc97f_zpse76dceab.jpg

 photo 50520308-25e0-4608-af31-17dfd2fe9b08_zps28d9b665.jpg

 photo 3dc3b751-4c9b-4167-a9dd-5eb9b236c4db_zps71faef00.jpg
Blouse: Lauren Conrad Here
Jeans: LOFT here
Bag: TJ Maxx Similar
Booties: Candie's Here
Necklace: Forever 21 Similar
Bracelets: Target Similar
Watch:  Michael Kors Similar
Earrings: Charming Charlies Similar

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Lace: Wedding Wear

Good Morning Loves!  This is one of my favorite looks that I have worn recently.  I went to a wedding and had the hardest time trying to figure out what to wear.  I had a couple of things in my closet, borrowed a couple of things from one of my best friends, and then perused the mall for a dress.  I just wasn't satisfied with anything.  I tried this dress on and loved it.  I didn't buy it immediately....I thought about it for a couple of days.  I ended up buying it and I felt so pretty in it the entire night!  I got the most compliments on the dress and I felt so elegant.  I had not done much of the lace trend but I am absolutely glad that I tried it out.  Now I want to wear this dress again....styling it differently will be a difficult task.  Oh well...I will be just as happy styling it the same way.  What have you been wearing to weddings this year?
BTW-The wedding was held at Brookgreen Gardens in Myrtle absolutely stunning place to have a wedding.  The wedding aisle was framed with mossy oak trees...I was excited to just be a part of it!

Dress: B.Darlin via Dillards Here
Shoes: Older Similar
Bracelet: Etsy Similar
Earrings: Dillards Similar

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Wearing Fall Colors with 80 Degree Temps

Happy Hump Day! 
I wore this look about a month ago and thought I would show you how I incorporated fall colors into my wardrobe when the temps here were still in the 80s.  It has cooled a little since then, but it is still getting into the high 70s sometimes. 
I bought this blouse from Charlotte Russe and I loved the flowiness of it.  I thought it would be great for warmer temps and then when it cools off, I can wear it with a cardigan.  The color is actually a shade of green with some black incorporated.  It looks a little brownish in the pictures.  I have hazel eyes and someone told me that it really brought out my eyes.  That is always a plus!  I paired the top with a pair of LOFT skinny jeans, some wedges, and a few accessories.  Just a simple outfit for an relaxing day.
My dog Ann thought she would make an appearance in this picture. 
You can see where I wore these wedge sandals here. 
Blouse: Charlotte Russe Similar
Jeans: LOFT Similar
Sandals: Belk  Here
Bracelets: Express Here
Earrings: Older Similar

Monday, October 14, 2013

Happy Monday....For Real!

 Happy Monday!  I am actually really happy about this Monday.  I always rush the work-week in anticipation of the weekend and I have come to realize that I am pretty much rushing my life away.  I work 5 days a week and there are only 7 days available.  If I rush away 5 of those days just to enjoy 2, I am in a hurry to rush my life away.  I have decided that I am going to enjoy each day as it is and not wait in anticipation for the weekend.  So, Happy Monday.  I hope it is as amazing as your Friday!
I wore this look recently to work and it was so comfortable.  I love when I can wear something really cute and it is comfy at the same time.  I have had this dress for a couple of years and I love finding new ways to wear it.  I wore it to a wedding once and repurposed it for work for this look.  Oh, and can we talk about this bag.  I bought this bag recently from Francesca's.  I was hesitant about getting it because I have black bags...but I just couldn't resist.  And I'm glad I didn't!  This has turned out to be one of my favorite bags.  It's light and I love the look. 
You can see me wear this bag here with a black on black ensemble. 
Dress: H&M Similar Similar
Cardigan: Express Here
Tights: Older Similar
Shoes: BCBGeneration Similar
Bag: Francesca's Similar
Earrings: Forever 21 Similar
Watch: Michael Kors Similar
XOXO Jess 

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Good Morning!  I hope your week has been amazing so far and continues to be.  

I wore this look recently while spending time at home with my family.  My Mama took these pictures for me and I had the most fun taking them.  Every year, some sort of crop is planted right behind her house.  This year it was corn...of course the season was over and this is what it looked like behind her house.  I thought it was the perfect setting for my look.  
The wind was blowing and it made for some really fun pictures...especially since my cardigan was long and flowy.  
I found these leggings at Charlotte Russe recently.  I actually saw them online first and I knew that I had to have them.  When I went into the store, I got a little scared because I wasn't sure how I was going to pull them off.  They are loud....but when I started searching through my closet for pieces to pair them with...I ended up with this look.  And.I.Loved.It.  For me, this look was outside of the box.  What looks have you worn where it was "outside of the box" for you?
Check me out here last February wearing these booties.  One of my favorite looks from last winter.

Cardigan: Francesca's Collection Similar (I bought mine in the store recently so if you're looking for this cardi, check out Francesca's store in person)
Tank: Older Similar
Leggings: Charlotte Russe Here
Booties: Candies Similar
Earrings: Older Similar