Thursday, March 28, 2013

Evening Sun

I have found that the evening sun produces the best pictures!  I don't know what it is, but it makes me love the photos 100 times more.  I have been learning a lot about what looks good and what doesn't when taking pictures for the blog.  A lot of times, the brightness of the earlier-in-the-day sun will "brighten out" certain things like the light blue design on a white shirt....making it look only white.  While the evening sun makes me look tanner, makes my skin look clearer, and my outfits look better.  I still take pictures when I get the opportunity, regardless of the time of day.  Oh, and don't get me started on night pictures....they never do an outfit justice.  I know that would seem obvious, and you can get clear pictures at night....they just don't look as good to me.  BTW-I am definitely no this is not, by any means, expert advice.  What is your favorite time of day to take photos?

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