Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Hello loves!  Today I am featuring my husband on the blog.  This is what he wore to date night...you can see what I wore on the same night here.  I am choosing this post to discuss photography.  I have found that my camera shortens people.  In these photos below, I feel like my husband looks short.  He is not short...he is 6'0" tall.  Sometimes we have to get lower with my camera so that neither of us look short.  Does this happen with your camera, or do you think that it is just my camera?  Maybe it's the setting on my camera?  Any advice would be great!  Both my husband and I are tall and we are proud of it...any suggestions are welcome!

Button Down: Polo Ralph Lauren Here
Pants: Will have to check...
Shoes: Sperry Navigator Here
Belt: Similar
Shades: Similar
Watch: Will have to check...