Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Sweet Anniversary

My husband and I celebrated our first anniversary (married) on September 10th.  Our favorite restaurant is closed on Mondays, so instead of debating on a restaurant for 20 minutes (you would think it would be easy considering there are so many places to eat in Myrtle Beach), we decided to have a romantic dinner at home with hibachi, candles, and our cake.  It was so sweet....we even got dressed just to have dinner at home!  My shoes are my actual wedding shoes.  I got this dress at H&M a couple of years ago, but this was the first time that I have worn it.  I have had plenty of occasions to wear it, but it seems I almost always want to wear it to someone's wedding.  You may not be able to tell in the pictures, but there are silver, sparkly dots all over the dress.  Well, it still looks white.....which is not acceptable to wear to a wedding.  Therefore, I haven't worn the dress for a couple of years....until now!  On my wedding anniversary, which I think is appropriate!

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