Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Good Morning Loves!  I wore this sexy number last weekend for a night out with my friends for my birthday.  I shopped all over for the perfect dress (something sexy, but different than what everyone else was wearing) but I couldn't find anything.  I called up my friend Summer at Random at Market Common in Myrtle Beach and she said she had some things that I might like.  I tried on tons of things...dresses tops, pants (which were usually high waters on me..story of my life), etc.  I tried on this top and loved it.  We worked and worked trying to find a bottom, but I really didn't want to show too much skin.  I wanted a peak...not show my entire belly (that was so high school ;)).  Anyway, as I was standing in her store, I remembered I bought this high-low metallic looking (bronzey) skirt from her during the spring and knew that it fit high on the waist.  I tried it on and it was perfect!  I paired it with these sexy Nina heels that I bought years back for another birthday party of mine and voila!  I really love this look...what do you think? 

Top: Random Here 
Skirt: Random Here
Shoes: Nina Similar 
Watch: Caravelle Similar
Bracelet: Jessica Simpson Similar
Earrings: Random Here