Monday, August 12, 2013


Happy Monday!  I hope your weekend was amazing!  My husband and I spent most of the weekend at home, which was so nice. I also started a project with my dresser in our bedroom.  My intentions were to easily strip the paint, buy my 1 gallon of pain for $30-$40, paint the dresser and be done in a few hours.  That is not how it went at all.  In fact, after working on the drawers for most of the day on Saturday and several trips to Lowes and Michaels, I obly have the drawers stripped of paint and all but one primed. This has turned into a much bigger project than anticipated.  Apparently, I also have expensive taste because the paint I want is $75.  I refuse to spend that much in paint and have decided on an alternative.   I plan on doing a post about the whole project, so look for that in the near future.  
This is what I wore to work one day last week. I know that i don't have many days of summer left so I am trying to take advantage of the neon clothes as much as possible before summer is over.  I do think this blouse can transition into fall though.  What articles of clothing are you trying to wear before the summer is over??
You might have seen this blouse here.