Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Insta Pics and Colorado Work Trip

I'm finally home after a few days in Denver, Colorado for a work trip.  I love that my work allows me to go to places I haven't been before and I usually play as much as I work.

On a side note, it was SO weird to walk down the street and smell weed on every corner and see a guy rolling a joint on a table in front of us.  It is legal there...but it was so hard to get into that mindset.  There is kind of a shock factor when you see it out in the open like it's just a normal thing.

Yes, that's snow on my head...I was so ready to get back to 80 degree weather!

Loved this hotel!

All we did was walk....flats were a must!

Our water was served in this at one of the restaurants we went to...three times.  

Love these!  I think I collected 15 packs?

Mountain view from the plane.

Selfie in the hotel room.

Have a beautiful day!  I'm headed to the pool and then will be spending the rest of the day spring cleaning....