Monday, November 11, 2013

Happy Veteran's Day!

Happy Monday and Happy Veteran's Day!  In honor of Veteran's Day, I decided to pay tribute with this outfit in a subtle way, by using military-like colors.....greens and tans.  I love casual outfits and doing subtle themes.  I have done a subtle Native American theme with fringe earrings and moccasins (I have Native American in my family....although my very pale skin doesn't tell anyone that).  I do subtle themes all of the time and love it.  Do you ever do themes with your outfits?  If so, what have you done?

And, in honor of Veteran's Day, I would like to thank all Veterans who have served our country.  Sometimes I take for granted my freedoms and it's moments like these that remind me that I'm blessed to live in this country.  Sincerely, Thank you!  

 photo 5f52daa6-1153-4d98-892c-6ab1f625b80e_zps7d52c493.jpg
You can see where I wore this bag and these jeans here.
 photo b34ad8cc-a6f6-48e5-877a-80e362f27f08_zpsfcce8fa5.jpg

 photo d5aefb5e-c570-4cd8-9d06-ba5aaede4f54_zpsf12c164a.jpg

 photo 0de5d059-4315-458e-8e24-99cf3ea130df_zps9e82ed74.jpg

 photo afd4f4a8-6ac3-429f-a90a-8b2237d7fd68_zps1aff45c2.jpg

 photo d16ff694-4c94-4a79-8255-7340eb1bb92f_zpse22b0a6f.jpg

 photo 8908535f-33f6-450e-bf94-9917f9f728f0_zps39ffeef1.jpg
Top: Kohl's Here
Jeans: LOFT Here
Booties: Kohl's Here
Handbag: Marshall's Lauren Ralph Lauren Similar
Watch: Michael Kors Similar
Bracelets: Jessica Simpson and Dillards Similar Similar
Scarf: Francesca's Collection Similar
Studs: Express Here