Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas is Over....Bring on the New Year!

Hi guys!  The Christmas season is crazy busy in our family, lasting for days.  We were blessed to be able to give gifts, and very blessed to receive gifts as well.  Our families try so hard to make everyone happy at Christmas with presents and I try so hard to humble myself...knowing that I am very fortunate to receive what I receive.  On Christmas day, my step-brother-in-law (got that?) told of a true story that broke my heart.  He saw a little boy at the store eye-balling ice cream at the same time as he was, and they broke into conversation over the ice cream.  This little boy wasn't the cleanest, nor did he have the nicest of clothes.  He went on to tell my step-brother-in-law of how he was so excited this Christmas because he had two presents under the tree.  2, two, TWO presents under the tree...and he was so excited about it!  There are so many that are less fortunate than us and I think we take for granted what we do have.....always wanting more..or better.  I have thought about that story every day since it was told to me on Christmas day (yes I know that was just a few days ago), and I am reminded of how God has blessed my family and me.  I am so thankful of the material things we receive.  I am even more thankful for my amazing family and wonderful friends...those that I get to spend special moments Christmas!  How did you spend your Christmas?

Romper: LuLu's Here
Jacket: Express Here
Booties: Gianni Bini Here
Earrings: Old from Charlotte Russe Almost Exactly the Same
Bracelet: Apple of My Eye-Etsy Here
Bag: Kate Spade Similar Similar
Nails: Shellac-I'm this this color was created by the nail with glitter