Saturday, September 14, 2013

Pink and Gold Brunch

A few weekends ago, I held a small brunch at my house for a few in my immediate family.  It was so cute and I had the best time preparing for it.  I love entertaining and I think the presentation is half the fun!  

The tablecloth is actually a paper tablecloth that I got from JCP.  They have this really neat Martha Stewart entertaining section.  I liked the paper tablecloth because it was inexpensive like a plastic one, but it looked more formal.  The cupcakes that you see below came from the same section.  Everything else was already in my home...the place settings, glassware, napkin holders, etc.  

The napkin rings (or squares) came from Home Goods.  Initially, I was skeptical of mixing gold with silver, but I got over it when I put it together and saw that it still looked great.  

Here are yogurt parfaits.  I washed blackberries, raspberries, and blueberries and put them in the bottom of these small stemless glasses that I got for our wedding.  I added a little vanilla yogurt and topped with organic granola. 
I loved the cupcake holders set from the Martha Stewart Collection at JCP.  From the moment I saw them, I knew these gold bows would be the perfect addition to our brunch.  
These gold place mats also came from Home Goods.  I really love how you can get really nice things from there at affordable prices.  This place setting and most of the stemware was given to us for our wedding.  My husband and I decided to not register for China and instead register for something that would be nice for entertaining, but still able to be used at any time.  

I only did one fork since we didn't have salad.  I customized the settings based on what we were eating and drinking.  
In the kitchen, I set up a grits bar.  I made grits and put in this white server.  Instead of using bowls for the toppings, I put them in glasses that we have had for years.  Toppings for the grits included tomatoes, sausage, gravy, cheese, and bacon.

These were made-from-scratch strawberry cupcakes.  I have been on a made-from-scratch kick lately.  If I'm going to eat bad, then at least it is made from scratch so there are less preservatives.  The cupcakes were good, but I would probably make a different type of icing next time.  This icing was buttercream and not my favorite.  My mom loved them though. 
I also made homemade muffins to go with fig preserves that I made a few weeks back.  These muffins were very easy to make.  I am really excited about these fig preserves.  My father-in-law has a fig tree and this year I decided to do something with all of these free figs that I was getting.  I looked up recipes on pinterest and found an easy one.  I didn't want there to be too many ingredients because I wanted it to be as healthy as possible...well as healthy as it can be with sugar in it.  I am loving the fig preserves and am so excited that i have several jars left.  
I served champagne with blood orange sorbet, which was delicious.  For those that did not drink alcohol, I served the blood orange sorbet with sprite.  The alcohol-free version got rave reviews as well.  
Below is the outfit that I wore for brunch.  I bought this dress at Random and thought it would go perfectly with my pink and gold theme.  I will include more outfit details on my next post.

Everyone looked so pretty!
My mom and my aunt having so much fun!
I love my mom so much!  This day was amazing and I was so happy to spend it with my family.

I hope you enjoyed this post, even though it wasn't completely fashion related.  Just thought I would share a fabulous time with some fabulous people!